PACIFIC NORTHWEST — While some commercial crab fishermen are still trickling into ports in Oregon and Washington, the majority of commercial crabbing has slowed for the season as attention turns toward other fisheries.

“They’re weaning them in,” said Dwight Eager, president of Bell Buoy Crab Inc., regarding the current catch rate of the commercial crab season. Eager has only two boats of 14 in the fleet still crabbing. Those remaining are primarily doing so for the live crab market, which fetches top dollar.

The latest total for Oregon is 13.8 million pounds, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) — a dramatic increase from the 8.2 million caught in 2014-15.

The Port of Astoria has recorded 4.4 million pounds. Oregon landed 9.7 million pounds in January alone. In February 2.7 million pounds were recorded. The catch slowed to 700,000 in March and 440,0000 in April, respectively.

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