• Red, white and bluefin

    Red, white and bluefin

    Portland-based lobster and tuna fisherman Eric Knight takes delivery of his first new boat, a 44-footer from Mainely Boats It’s a long drive from Machias, Maine, to the state’s biggest city, Portland — four hours …
  • Views from Alaska: Q&A in harmony

    Views from Alaska: Q&A in harmony

    Alaska’s Symphony of Seafood gives competitors a market edge New products can mean new customers, improved utilization and increased value for the entire seafood industry. In Alaska, we celebrate innovations in product development through an …
  • Feature: Drilling down

    Feature: Drilling down

    Pebble Mine assessment based on shaky science, lack of information, say fisheries researchers When Dr. Daniel Schindler and his students at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences took a deep dive into …
  • Deck Equipment: Rise of the Machine

    Deck Equipment: Rise of the Machine

    Cameras start to take over for live observers on deck: What does it mean for owners and operators across the country? Electronic monitoring programs are on the rise as a way to reduce observer costs, …
  • Feature: The Entanglement Tango

    Feature: The Entanglement Tango

    As the right whale population continues to decline, lobstermen are again called on to change the way they fish Despite an ongoing federal trade war with China imposing tariffs on seafood exports and a looming …


  • Editor’s Log: Town and country

    Editor’s Log: Town and country

    Last month, we featured the plight of California’s Dungeness fleet in facing a shutdown caused by a whale-protection lawsuit. This month, we offer the East Coast version of the story. Northeast lobster fleets are coping …
  • Busted up in the Bering Sea

    Busted up in the Bering Sea

    I made numerous other trips through Unimak Pass, and each time there was always that sense that something could quickly go wrong. Yet I always looked forward to that passage.
  • Pilothouse log: Spill processing

    Pilothouse log: Spill processing

    Thirty years ago this spring, the Exxon Valdez took a wrong turn and changed the course of all of our lives.
  • Dock talk: Fight

    Dock talk: Fight

    We must stand and fight Pebble Limited Partnership with our brothers and sisters in Bristol Bay, because their war is our war.
  • Q&A with Haines Packing Co.

    Q&A with Haines Packing Co.

    Harry and Genny Rietze took over management and ownership of Haines Packing Co. in Haines, Alaska, in 2013, purchasing the business from Harry’s father and uncle. Can you share a brief history of Haines Packing …

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