• Rafael at the gallows
    OK, OK, I get it! Carlos Rafael, aka, “The Codfather,” has done some pretty reprehensible things while amassing what seemingly is the largest percentage of ownership of the U.S. multispecies groundfish fleet.
  • Are you ready for AI lighting?
    Artificial intelligence is going to be a game changer over the next decade. AI lighting technology is already here and it's just the beginning.
  • Five to stay alive

    Five to stay alive

    It’s time to take a time out. Maybe not a long one, just a few minutes to think about what we’re doing.
  • Who we are: Max Mezich and Jenni Baker
    As if the commercial fishing life isn’t romantic enough, consider the collaboration of Max Mezich and Jenni Baker, two 22-year-olds, who fell in love then took their piscine passions to the back deck of a …
  • Following seas

    Following seas

    Sometimes things go the way you planned, and sometimes they don’t. This is true of fishing seasons as well as putting together a magazine. The biggest difference is that unexpected changes at my job don’t …
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