• Hawaii fishing oversight bill is short-sighted
    A bill aimed at better regulating foreign workers in Hawaii's fishing fleets would require impractical record keeping.
  • Gulf snapper story misleads, maligns
    A recent broadcast series smeared a successful management story and the hardworking people who have built businesses that deliver wild, sustainably caught domestic seafood to American consumers.
  • Remembering the February gale of 1862
    In late February 1862, a gale out of the Northwest hit 70 schooners from the Gloucester fishing fleet that were anchored on Georges Bank.
  • Safe bet
      In December 2016, Canada’s Transportation Safety Board suggested a federal mandate for fishermen to wear life vests at all times on deck. Touting the success of seatbelt laws, the head of the board, Kathy …
  • Cod on camera
    Forgive me for being an optimist when the subject is New England cod – specifically, cod management. But it’s difficult to avoid drawing comparisons between cod research Kevin Stokesbury of the University of Massachusetts at …
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