Fishermen in Western Australia captured astonishing footage this week as a five-meter-long great white shark tried to steal their catch, ramming into the side of their boat.


David Lock and his father were fishing for salmon near Carnac Island around 8:30 a.m. when they encountered the shark, according to Perth Now. The great white was benign at first, yet after Lock’s father hooked a fish, the massive predator began to show an interest in their seven-meter-long boat. After circling near the fish, the white shark accelerated towards it, ramming into the side of Lock’s boat.


“I was just filming as my dad hooked up a salmon and out of the blue comes a shark, we didn’t think he was interested at the time and ended up he was, he launched at the fish and launched at the boat,” Lock said.


The shark struck the side of the boat head-on, with its mouth open to attack the fish, according to the West Australian. Lock missed filming the moment that the shark impacted the vessel, as he stumbled backwards and dropped the camera.


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