NEW BEDFORD — Approximately 130 groundfishing permit holders are expected to qualify for disaster aid announced Wednesday, splitting up $3.8 million among them with different, catch-based rates. That's only one group of potential recipients of an $8.3 million round of disaster money destined for the Massachusetts industry.

The state Division of Marine Fisheries released the second of three funding rounds, headed for those who didn't qualify under the first, which went to federal permit holders who caught 5,000 pounds over the last four years.

It still remains to be seen how much money individuals will receive, as that depends on how many apply and qualify, according to DMF Commissioner Mary Griffin. But Griffin said the money is to be split up as follows: $3 million to crew members; $3 million to certain federal and state permit holders not covered under Phase 1 criteria; $800,000 to for-hire boats; $750,000 to shoreside businesses; $300,000 to offset fisheries sector administrative costs; $100,000 to state administrative costs; $300,000 for potential appeals.

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