GEORGETOWN, Maine - For generations, Mainers have harvested clams by digging down into the tidal flats along the coast, moving from spot to spot and carefully pulling them out one by one from the muck. But the clam, and the clamming industry, are facing a new challenge, with the huge increase in recent years of the invasive predator known as the green crab.

One harvester in the Midcoast has employed an unusual method to protect his resource from green crabs, and it's an approach that could one day be adopted statewide.

If you're going out onto the mud flats at low tide, you're obviously going to need stout rubber boots. But you'll also need to know how to walk in them

"Always toes first, never put a heel in the mud," says Chris Warner. "Touch your toe down and go. Don't let it suck down in - once the suction starts, it's over."

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