NEW BEDFORD — The website for the Canadian Carino Co. ( is simple and elegant. The name translates to "We care," we learn.


We also learn that their products are all made from seals. Harp seals. Gray seals. Hook seals. Ring seals. A total of 38 employees at a firm viewed by many as a pariah.


You're not going to be able to buy in the United States anything Carino sells. Not the seal fur and leather hats, gloves, garments boots and accessories, as durable, water repellent and elegant as they may be.


You're not going to  be able to buy any of the nutritional supplements. And you can be absolutely certain that you won't be sampling any of the seal meat, which is hunted after your down payment by trained professional hunters licensed and regulated by the Canadian government and veterinarian approved.


In a blow to Carino, Eastern Canada';s largest seal processing operation, last year the European Union won a court fight to banish seal products from those countries, shrinking the market for seal products further. The Canadian government has stepped in to offer operating loans to seal traders for cash flow so they can continue to buy seals from hunters and process them into finished consumer products. 


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