Hoping to preserve a $125 million Bay State export market, the Massachusetts Congressional delegation has raised objections with the European Commission, arguing against a ban on live imports of American lobster.

Sweden has sought to ban the importation of the bottom-dwelling shelled scavengers, arguing they pose a risk of invading European waters and multiplying. A Swedish government official told the News Service Thursday the recommendation is based on updated risk assessments.

"The assessments show that the American lobster is a threat to the European lobster," wrote Andreas von Uexkull, minister counselor at the Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. "Trade policy aspects of the proposal have been analyzed and Sweden is aware of the importance the lobster industry means for jobs and small communities in parts of the U.S. However, possible future import restrictions would only apply for live lobsters. If the risk assessment is accepted within the EU there will still be great opportunities to export cooked, boiled or frozen lobster."

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