Shrimpers in Louisiana say the prices they are getting for their catch haven fallen out of a profitable range. After seeing historic high prices for shrimp, prices have begun to stabilize at about $1.20 per pound for smaller shrimp. But the vice president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association, Acy Cooper, said that last week shrimp processors and distributors told fisherman they would only be getting 85 cents per pound.

"At 85 cents it's just really hard for us to come out with anything at that price," said Cooper.

During a meeting last week in Plaquemines Parish with shrimp processors, about 250 fisherman voiced their displeasure with the price drop and have decided to temporarily stop working for a week at shrimp docks in Venice, Buras and Empire.

"Everyday we stand-by that's money we're taking out of our pocket to live in the winter time," said Cooper. "If we can keep the prices up we can make up what we are losing this week."

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