These are the days when a president turns to thoughts of legacy.  As the months tick down on  this Administration, President Obama has created a marine national monument off new England and last month vastly expanded one near Hawaii.  Alaska interest groups are working to get his attention, too. Some want him to take bold action in the 49th State before he leaves office, and others are urging him to resist those calls.

A TV ad ran in Washington, D.C. this month that flashed footage of oil tankers bathed in the golden light of a Valdez  sunset, an offshore drill rig, and Alaska Natives on the tundra.

Its call to action: “Tell the White House to keep the Arctic in the next off shore leasing program. It’s the right thing for Alaska. It’s the right for our nation.”

That’s part of a six-figure ad campaign by a coalition that includes the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, unions, and the Independent Petroleum Association of America. They took out a full page ad in the Washington Post, too.

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