MONTEREY (AP) — Northern California fishermen have reported an above-average squid harvest.

The Monterey Herald reported Saturday that nearly half of all squid caught in California will be pulled from northern and central locations off the coast. Typically, most of the state's squid is caught in Southern California. Scientists are unsure why more squid are being found and caught in Northern California this season, which started in April and ends in March.

Squid follow cooler waters and Northern California usually catches more of the seafood during El Nino weather conditions, which warm the waters of Southern California first. The state is not experiencing El Nino conditions and scientists don't fully understand why more squid are found in Northern California waters than off the coast in and around Los Angeles.

Whatever the reason, fishermen aren't complaining.

"We just followed them up there," said Neil Guglielmo, captain of a 70-foot fishing vessel based in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles. "There was so much squid.

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