August’s top blogs were indeed a mixed catch — and one of our blog subjects has proven quite adept at dealing with those from a culinary standpoint. In addition to the kitchen, we covered new innovations in sponsoning fiberglass boats, tuna harpooning, lobster boat racing, and fishing around wrecks. Catch up on the blogs you may have missed last month.


1. Boats & Gear: Fiberglass sponsoning option

2. The Sorting Table: Iron men

3. The Rudderpost: Barton-Think

4. The Rudderpost: Counting down

5. Coastlines: Don’t wreck the wrecks

6. Mixed Catch: Chasing bluefin

7. Boats & Gear: Cast of characters

8. The Sorting Table: Getting chefs on your side

9. Editor’s Log: Well done

10. The Sorting Table: Cleaning the coast

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Jessica Hathaway is the former editor in chief of National Fisherman.

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