Sponsoning a steel boat is not unusual. But sponsoning a fiberglass hull is a different story. Early last summer, the 56-foot fiberglass seiner Freedom left Platypus Marine in Port Angeles, Wash., after a sponsoning that pushed her beam out from 15 to 20 feet.

Today at 2:15, Platypus Marine’s Bruce Bryant will talk about the sponsoning on the East Hall’s Main Stage.

Bruce Bryant. Platypus Marine photo.Bryant will focus on how to make sponsoning financially feasible. Included in that discussion will be determining if sponsoning should even be considered. “Cost is the most critical factor,” Bryant says. “No sense putting expensive sponsoning on a boat that’s not worth anything.”

Bryant will explain the decision making progress from the early design stages to completion. The emphasis of the session will be on sponsoning a fiberglass hull, using the Freedom as an example, but Bryant will include steel as well.

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