Each day, our editors scour news outlets from across the nation and the globe to find and share with you the most interesting and most relevant stories about commercial fishing. We update our site each morning with the latest news on regulations, sustainability and market trends — everything you need to make informed decisions about your business.

But we know it's not always possible for those who work at sea to check in with us daily. So each month we compile the 10 most-read online news stories from the past 30 days. Learn what your colleagues are reading and never miss a hot story with this handy list of our best-read content.

1. Gillnetter accused of letting 103 salmon rot

2. Fishing boat shipwrecks off San Francisco

3. Chum salmon run clogging Kobuk River

4. Salmon cannon helps migrating fish over dams

5. World’s biggest fish market may end up as casino

6. Columbia River salmon seine fishery launched

7. Huge schools of squid found off Santa Barbara

8. Test fishery to determine Fraser opening

9. Maine girl lands a rare blue lobster

10. Professor presents significant dogfish findings


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