GLOUCESTER — Congressman-elect Seth Moulton met with leaders of the Gloucester-based Northeast Seafood Coalition to "listen" and "learn" about the fishing industry — and to take a quick trip on the F/V Jenny G.


The newly-elected Moulton and coalition representatives insisted that the visit was not to reach any specific goal, but rather to touch base and open the lines of communication early in his term.


The meeting itself Monday afternoon was closed to the press, but Moulton and coalition officials outlined the framework of the talks.


Jackie Odell, executive director of the Gloucester-bases seafood coalition, said it was important to meet with Moulton in light of the latest NOAA emergency measures and other actions. NOAA Northeast Administrator John K. Bullard announced inshore closures of fishing grounds two weeks ago based on a dire drop in cod stocks found through an unscheduled NOAA assessment, while the New England Fishery Management Council last week approved new cuts in cod limits for the 2015 fishing season, which begins next May 1.


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