The news that the U.S. Senate has approved a federal budget amendment that calls for the feds to cover the cost of NOAA's at-sea and dockside monitoring of fishing vessels out of Gloucester and around the Northeast is certainly welcome.

After all, the amendment — brought forward by U.S. Elizabeth Warren and backed by her Massachusetts colleague, Sen. Edward Markey — attempts to forestall what could be a devastating line of costs for fishermen across the region as the new fishing year approaches.

Yet, it's also worth noting that Warren admittedly recognizes that this is not a form of any additional aid to the industry, but simply a cost that the federal government must bear if it insists on continuing this monitoring program.

Indeed, Warren was right on the money in her assessment of the situation.

"Our hardworking fishermen should not have to pick up the costs for required at-sea and dockside monitoring. Paying for monitoring should remain a federal obligation," she said — and she's absolutely right.

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