It takes a village to do most things in the industry, and putting together our favorite fishing magazine is no exception. So how does the only national magazine for commercial fishing do it? 

We cover it all on the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast, a weekly podcast that shares the point-of-view of girlfriends, fiancés, and wives of commercial fishermen to connect and feel less alone. We also chat with industry supporters to discover what they do to make this lifestyle a little easier for us all. The POCF podcast is a space to learn, laugh, and share shore-side stories with others who "get us.”  A place to connect with our people.

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In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Content Specialist and Partner of a Commercial Fisherman, Carli Stewart, on what it's like at the desks at National Fisherman magazine, how Carli’s childhood as a commercial fishing kid shaped her point of view and leadership at NF, and the ways she connects with the industry, which includes a trip to the Pacific Marine Expo this year. Here’s a sneak peek of the interview:

National Fisherman Content Specialist Carli Stewart

“I grew up on an island in Casco Bay, Maine, called Long Island, and I was just thrown into the industry as a kid. I grew up on this island that was two miles long by three-quarters of a mile wide. My brother and I are a year and a few months apart, and our dad fishes for lobster. He's a commercial lobsterman in the state of Maine, and he just has a state license, so he never really did the whole federal waters or was out for days at a time and things like that. So, it was almost easier in that respect, but still, his whole life has always revolved around fishing, and that's just kind of what you get used to in this community. 

And it's not something that you see in every single industry. It's not like it was his nine-to-five. It is truly the way of life that he chose to live; his dad did it, and his grandfather did it. So, from both sides of my family – my mom's side and my dad's side – we're pretty much surrounded by fishermen, essentially from that community on the island, too. A lot of the families down there still have fishing in their blood.” – Carli Stewart for the Partners of Commercial Fisherman Podcast.

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