Mazzetta Company has been involved in seafood for more than 30 years. We have made significant investments in lobster, wharves and fishing vessels, and warehousing and transport throughout New England. However, when we sought to invest in a state-of-the-art processing facility, and to become involved in the northeast groundfish fishery, we couldn’t imagine a better location than Gloucester. As this community knows better than me, the rich history of this town and the sea traces back to the foundation of our country. More than 300 years later, it is still a proud way of life for many.

Just prior to opening our doors at Gloucester Seafood Processing, many of our friends and customers came to visit the facility and spent the day here in Gloucester as tourists. One of the comments we heard repeatedly was how little local seafood they saw for sale around town and how little it was being promoted. It was hard to find in local grocery stores, on restaurant menus, and little, if any, marketing of various species. That was something that struck them as odd, because in most seafood towns it’s nearly impossible to find anything but locally caught seafood.

From that point forward we have worked very hard to develop relationships with our fishermen and to learn all we can about the various species in this fishery and how they can best be brought to market. We have also taken special care in how we harvest and process our seafood to make it the best possible representation of our local catch.

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