The city and its fishing community could benefit from a $25 million bond authorization to assist the state's Designated Port Areas — but only if Gov. Charlie Baker signs the bill and includes the money in his capital spending program.

The funds, largely dedicated to revitalizing and sustaining the waterfront infrastructure of the state's nine Designated Port Areas outside of Boston, are included in a comprehensive economic development bill passed last week by legislators and now awaiting Baker's signature.

"I've spoken to him personally and I'm fairly confident the governor will sign the bill," said Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr of Gloucester, who was instrumental in engineering the inclusion of the funds. "The next step will be to get the funds included in the governor's spending program. That's when the real lobbying will start."

If the funds survive that political gauntlet, they would be administered by the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, with priority for funding given to communities dependent on the fishing industry, Tarr said.

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