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Northeast Lobster pots and buoys in Rockport, Mass., 1973. U.S. National Archives photo by Deborah Parks. Viewpoints

The Maine Lobstermen’s Association’s embrace of more activist law enforcement reflects the evolving lobster industry.

Alaska Leilani Luhrs fishes for salmon out of Togiak, Alaska. Photo courtesy Leilani Luhrs. Viewpoints

Leilani Luhrs lives and breathes commercial salmon gillnetting, even when she’s more than 700 miles away from her beach site out in the Native village of Togiak, Alaska.

Alaska A sparkling April day in Seward, Alaska. Jessica Hathaway photo. Viewpoints

NF Editor Jessica Hathaway explores Seward, Alaska, at the height of the spring blackcod and halibut season.

Alaska Fishing boats tied up in Petersburg, Alaska. Creative Commons photo by Flickr user brewbooks. News

The United Fishermen of Alaska recently announced the election of four at-large board members and the addition of two new executive committee members.

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