Discovery Health MD is the maritime industry’s premier provider of on-call telehealth care. Based in Seattle, Washington, we are proud to mitigate medical risk for maritime outfits of all sizes around the world

24/7 Premier On Call Medicine at Sea

Any ship’s most valuable resource is its crew. Our highest priority is keeping your mariners safe. The SeaDoc® telehealth program at Discovery Health MD offers your crew 24/7 access to our team of ER doctors by email or telephone wherever they are.

Trained ER doctors are an ideal partner for remote medical care. They are highly experienced in handling the full spectrum of illness and trauma. Our team of board-certified ER physicians brings well over 100 years of combined medical experience to your ship. These physicians will communicate with the medical officer aboard your vessel to handle any medical concern from an ear infection to a stroke or major trauma.

The SeaDoc® team will handle a case from your first contact and continue to actively manage it until your crew member has recovered or is as stabilized as possible. If a mariner needs to return to shore, we can help you decide to wait until the next port or divert the ship. When needed, we can assist with coordinating a medevac. Our team of case coordinators can also arrange shore-side care in the nearest stateside port.

Medical emergencies can happen in remote locations. Be prepared and rest easier by subscribing to Discovery Health MD’s SeaDoc® telehealth program.

Fitness for Duty Screening

Medical emergencies at sea can pose a huge risk to both the individual mariner and the outfit or company as a whole. At Discovery Health MD, we believe in mitigating as much medical risk as possible before a ship leaves shore. Our Fitness for Duty program tailors and administers a health screening regimen that suits the needs of your outfit to reduce the chance of illnesses and injuries at sea.

Biometric tests, strength evaluations, and diabetes and heart disease screening are common elements of this program for many of our clients. We also offer COVID-19 testing and vaccination services, as well as consulting on quarantine protocol in the maritime environment. OSHA-compliant respirator questionnaires are also available.

Customized Medical Chests

Let Discovery Health MD design your vessel’s perfect medical chest. Our experienced team of doctors and consultants can save you money and keep your crew safer with a customized kit of equipment and medicines that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. We can even deliver it right to your boat!

We can provide medical chests for a crew of any size and for as many vessels as necessary. In addition to medicines and equipment to treat ailments of many varieties, we offer Automated External Defibrillators, naloxone and epinephrine, and controlled substances sourced through a DEA-compliant supply chain.

To learn more about any of these services or to arrange an initial consult, visit or write to [email protected].