QUEENSTOWN — Mark Mayberry of Queenstown has a good reason to enhance and protect the population of oysters in the Chester River — he likes to eat oysters.

Mayberry volunteered for the first time with a multi-agency program to aid the oyster population on Thursday, Sept. 23, when he and several other people put oysters shells — with baby oysters called spat attached to them — into cages, which were then hung off and tied to docks along the Chester River in Queenstown.

“I enjoy consuming oysters. Therefore, I’m here contributing my time,” Mayberry said.

On that day, the Oyster Recovery Partnership, volunteer oyster growers and the Chester River Association placed 66 cages filled with spat on shells in the Chester River in Queenstown.

Later in the day, the Partnership joined the Chester River Association and local students in Chestertown where they placed 96 more cages in the Chester River.

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