Lund’s Fisheries is making a $2 million investment in its scallop operations with the acquisition of a new tunnel freezer at its plant in Cape May, N.J.

Lund’s says the addition  “will allow the company to continue to grow its scallop sales, and demonstrates its commitment to the future of the scallop fishery” even as the industry works through the 2023 season with its quota reduction.

“We are incredibly proud of the scallop products that we offer, and this new investment will allow us to provide even more of our sustainable, high-quality seafood,” said Lund’s CEO Wayne Reichle. “This is just the latest in our many investments to ensure our operations remain up to date and competitive.”

The freezer, designed and built by manufacturing firm Skaginn 3X, from the BAADER group, will allow Lund’s Fisheries to increase its freezing capabilities to 6,000 pounds per hour, effectively doubling its current freezing capacity.

The design of the freezer allows for more flexibility in operations, giving Lund’s the capacity to both fully freeze and crust freeze products using the same machine, as well as freeze multiple products at the same time.

Another improvement is that the freezer will utilize a mechanical refrigeration plant to freeze scallops instead of using nitrogen, making it more energy efficient and less expensive to operate than Lund’s current freezing system. Installation is expected to be complete in March 2023.

Lund’s Fisheries is a family owned, vertically integrated seafood company located in Cape May, New Jersey. With three offloading facilities stretched from New Jersey to California, servicing 20 family-owned fishing vessels and independent owner/operators, Lund’s Fisheries specializes in delivering Marine Stewardship Council-certified sea scallops and calamari along with many other sustainably harvested seafood products.

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