After the Highliner Awards at the Pacific Marine Expo, we’d love for you to relax and hang with us as we transform the National Fisherman booth into the “Partners of Commercial Fishermen Parlor.”

The idea of hosting a get-together instead of a speaking event is inspired by centuries of fishermen’s wives caring for families and fishing communities. 

Just like the powerful and resilient women seen in these images, the Partners of Commercial Fishermen provide that same strength and love to their families and communities today. 

"The Doorway" by Virginie Demont Breton
"Lady on Beach Mending Fishing Net" by Virginie Demont-Breton
"Homes by the Sea" by Firmin Girard

The Partners of Commercial Fishermen community represents girlfriends, fiances, and wives of commercial fishermen. Our Dockside Chat is a chance to celebrate our connected lives to the past and appreciate the modern partners' contributions to the industry as a whole. Whether you’ve just started dating a fisherman, are getting married, are a mom raising a family with a fisherman, or your fisherman is looking at retirement, this event is in honor of you! 

PME is the place to immerse yourself in the commercial fishing world, yet it can be overwhelming whether it’s your first time or fifteenth. Consider the “Partners of Commercial Fishermen Parlor” your place to find a seat, relax, and connect with others who understand this unique lifestyle. 

*Healthy snacks for the first twenty-five people, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, and quality treats available for all POCFs, fishermen, and families to enjoy!

There’s also an opportunity to become a guest on the Parters of Commercial Fishermen Podcast to share your story, fishery updates, challenges, and what is important to you today.  

Here are the details of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Dockside Chat:

  • What: Dockside Chat “Partners of Commercial Fisherman Parlor” & Commercial Fishing Community Gathering
  • Where: Pacific Marine Expo, National Fisherman Booth #150
  • When: Wednesday & Thursday from 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm (right after the Highliner Awards). 

As a bonus, on Thursday, 11/9, at noon at booth #150, I’m speaking on a panel with Julie Kuchepatov of Seafood and Gender Equality, where we’ll have an interactive session about recognizing women who contribute to fisheries and how the Partners of Commercial Fishermen community represent a large portion of what makes the industry a success.

If you want to learn more about the POCF community, listen to the Partners of Commercial Fishermen podcast on Apple, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are available, visit the blog or on Instagram at @megan.waldrep. If you’re a POCF looking to connect, we’d love for you to join us in our private forum for partners of commercial fishermen

Til then, we hope to see you at PME!

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Megan Waldrep is a nationally published writer, columnist, and founder of the Partners of Commercial Fishermen community for girlfriends, fiancés, and wives of commercial fishermen. As a spiny lobster fisherman’s wife, she aims to connect POCFs worldwide through a private online forum, a podcast with inspirational stories and actionable advice, a lifestyle blog filled with helpful resources and real talk, and daily heart and humor on socials to make partners feel seen, heard, and less alone in this unique and adventurous lifestyle. To learn more, visit, on Instagram at @megan.waldrep, or listen to the Partners of Commercial Fishermen Podcast on AppleSpotify, and wherever podcasts are available.

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