Imtra prides itself on supplying the commercial fishing industry with high-quality, reliable marine equipment and systems designed to withstand the harshest marine environments and the demanding hours of commercial fishing. Many of Imtra’s customers operate in rough waters surrounding Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and need the most durable, high-quality systems.

Our customers are looking for rugged and ergonomic helm chairs for their captains to sit in and ride out long days in rough seas without discomfort and without the chair breaking down. Imtra provides that with the Norsap helm chairs, which are designed and manufactured in Norway to allow operators to spend hours at a time seated without developing aches and pains. Tested and proven in the waters inside the arctic circle of the North Atlantic, they are a great fit for many fishing fleets operating out of Alaska. The Norsap 1500 helm chair is a perfect choice. Customers take advantage of the customizability of the Norsap range of chairs, adding necessary armrest attachments – and in some cases deck rails – to fit the needs of each vessel’s individual operator and wheelhouse space.

Additionally, the navigation lights, searchlights and deck lights on board get beaten up by the icy seas and tough weather that fishing fleets face. Imtra offers Den Haan Rotterdam (DHR)  as one of the most robust and durable manufacturers of navigation lighting and searchlights for the marine industry. Their navigation lights have built-in fail-safes, are field-serviceable and meet all international and US Coast Guard standards. The built-in secondaries and ability to repair and service the navigation lights while out on the water means that commercial fishing boats don’t have to spend idle time at the dock just to have a navigation light replaced, but instead can continue operating after at-sea repairs without violating any USCG regulations.

Much like navigation lighting, watertight, weathertight and spray-tight doors onboard offshore commercial vessels are an essential part of keeping the crew safe in rough conditions. Libra, offers commercial marine doors and hatches. Libra’s complete product line of steel, aluminum and composite GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) offer a solution for any commercial vessel. The watertight doors for below-the-waterline installations help keep the vessel afloat in the event of it taking on water, while weathertight and spray-tight doors can prevent sea water from getting into crew areas and wheelhouses – keeping everyone on board safe, dry and comfortable. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing maritime doors, Libra’s products have been tested and proven time and again, and they’re now Europe’s largest manufacturer of maritime doors. 

For more information on Imtra’s product offering for the commercial marine industry, be sure to visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. 



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