Today we're talking about the president's May 7 executive order that is getting widespread support from fishing companies and processors, but also some criticism from small-scale fishermen and groups that support localized wild-capture fisheries.

Joining us is Ryan Bradley, executive director of Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, a commercial fisherman, vessel owner, seafood dealer and business owner, and a National Fisherman Highliner.

Bradley shares with us how he hopes the EO will pave a path toward breaking down some unnecessary regulatory barriers, help enforcement fight IUU fishing — including illegal sales of recreational catch — and bolster fair trade that benefits American fishermen.

He also offers his advice on next steps to take on claiming a share of the $300 million in fisheries relief earmarked in the CARES Act. NOAA has notified the states and fisheries commissions of the forthcoming funds, but how they will be disbursed is TBD.

Jessica Hathaway is the former editor in chief of National Fisherman.

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