In a new video posted Monday, swear-tastic chef Gordon Ramsay goes diving for scallops. "I adore scallops," says Ramsay, "and I serve them on all my menus." He joins diver Tom Whittall, who has been diving for scallops since he was young.

After the pair collect a basketful, Ramsay prepares scallop tartare on the shore, using creme fraiche, mascarpone, and lime. It's a pattern that's been repeated in his videos this month: catch fish/crustacean with bare hands, serve a delicious meal on shore, repeat.

Ramsay says that his restaurants purchase scallops that have been caught by hand-diving not only because they taste better, but because commercially caught scallops are generally caught by dredging. The process of dredging can cause significant damage to seabeds and have a massive impact on the ecosystem, all in the service of capturing the scallops.

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