The Pacific Fishery Management Council finalized this year's salmon seasons — and the result is commercial salmon will hit the market on May 1 and sport anglers will have a season that lasts nearly 7 months.

The first phase of the commercial season for boats out of San Francisco, Bodega Bay and Half Moon Bay is set for May 1-31, with a 27-inch size limit. That means fresh salmon will be available at the docks a week from Friday.

The sport season is set to run daily through Oct. 31. The minimum size limit is 24 inches through the end of April, then 20 inches for the rest of the season.

After warm ocean temperatures for much of winter, and then an El Nino watch announced this week, sea temperatures have instead cooled off for good salmon conditions. At 5 p.m. Tuesday at the San Francisco Weather Buoy, for instance, the sea temperature was verified at 52 degrees. It was 59 three weeks ago, before north winds and significant upwelling cooled waters in the Gulf of the Farallones.

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