Despite the general economic slowdown resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, there is a lot going on in the world of marine engines across the board, from a new Oxe diesel outboard to a rollback of Tier IV regulations for some vessels.

According to Chris Ponnwitz, marketing specialist at Mack Boring & Parts Co., the Somerset, N.J.-based company will be distributing and supporting the new Oxe 300-hp diesel outboard this year.

“We have seen a lot of interest in the commercial fisheries market, and this new 300-hp model from Oxe Marine will further expand their line-up, which starts at 125 hp. We are excited to see new market penetration for vessels and fishermen that are looking for a higher output torque and hp power plant.” According to Oxe the 300-hp diesel outboard now available in the United States is a bi-turbo configuration that provides 443 foot-pounds of torque at the crankshaft at 1,750 rpm, and 369 foot-pounds at 1,000 rpm, providing a high degree of bollard pulling power and rapid acceleration.

Mack Boring has put many 13- and 16-liter Scania engines in lobster boats throughout New England.

“That’s probably our most saturated market,” says Ponnwitz. “We have had a lot of success in the lobstering market with the newer 800 XPI engine, and we are looking forward to Scania breaking into the recreational market with their new 900 -and 1,150-hp models.”

In between the Oxe and the Scania, Ponnwitz expressed excitement about two new Yanmar engines Mack Boring is now distributing.

“Yanmar just announced the 6LF and the 6LT engine series,” he says. “With up to 550 hp out of the 6LF up to 640 hp out of the 6LT series, we are now seeing an opportunity to expand our already die-hard Yanmar customer base and open up more of the market to the reliability and support from Yanmar.” According to Ponnwitz, these new Yanmar common rail, in-line 6s might be a good fit for lobster boats and other small-boat fisheries.

Farther down the East Coast, Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., offers Baudouin Reman remanufactured engines, which are becoming quite popular.

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Paul Molyneaux is the Boats & Gear editor for National Fisherman.

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