Over the years, Florida-based ZF Marine has used its reliable transmission, control, and propeller product lines to spread across fisheries nationwide, from lobster fishermen in the Northeast to shrimpers in Gulf of Mexico and salmon fishermen in Alaska  and just about everything in between.

Drew Orvieto, the senior manager for ZF Marine’s commercial product line, said he has put transmissions in boats ranging from 16 up to 300 or 400 feet, and ZF’s propellers go from the very small all the way up to 2 meters. The control systems come in all manner of sizes as well, with stations housing up to six joysticks with full class approval for larger boats.

“One thing that sets us apart from other suppliers in the marine market is our ability to cater to all different applications, whether that’s a single screw lobster boat running down in Key West or big commercial tuna seiners out in the Pacific. We have products for anything out there that’s looking to catch fish,” Orvieto said.

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Brian Hagenbuch is National Fisherman's products editor, a contributing editor to SeafoodSource and a Bristol Bay fisherman. He is based in Seattle.

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