The people at Emerald Marine Products realized early on that covid-19 would make third-party installations more complicated on boats. To that end, they developed the ALERT (Automatic Lifesaving Emergency Radio Transmitter) Portable DIY Man-Overboard Alarm System, a “walk-on” system that eliminates the need for electricians to come onboard and install an independent system.

Emerald Marine’s system includes an ALERT2 Man-Overboard Receiver and two ALERT418 transmitters that crew members wear on their work vests, with additional transmitters available to protect larger crews.

When a crew member goes overboard, the water-activated alarm emits a piercing sound. The ALERT receiver can also be set up to stop engines, set a plot on the chart and/or notify the entire vessel.

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Brian Hagenbuch is National Fisherman's products editor, a contributing editor to SeafoodSource and a Bristol Bay fisherman. He is based in Seattle.

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