Cordova fishermen join Seafood Harvesters of America

This week Cordova District Fishermen United, a non-profit focused on Prince William Sound, became the newest member of the Seafood Harvesters of America, which now represents 17 commercial fishing organizations.

“The addition of CDFU brings with it notable leadership in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. CDFU is an exceptional organization; we are thrilled to work with them,” said Chris Brown, the chairman of the association, in a press release. The Seafood Harvesters of America is a better group for their inclusion. We share the core values of resource stewardship and accountability. We are traveling on the same pathway towards a great American fishery.”

Alexis Cooper, the executive director of CDFU, said the group was delighted to join the association.

“We understand the importance in unifying commercial fishermen across the country and giving them a voice in our nation’s capital. We can all find common ground in protecting the Magnuson-Stevens Act, receiving a permanent exemption for incidental discharge and ensuring consumers have access to U.S. commercially-harvested, sustainable seafood,” she said.

Seafood Harvesters of America is a broadly based organization that represents commercial fishermen across the country that strives for accountability in fisheries and speak out on issues of common concern that affect the U.S. commercial fishing industry.

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