The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute promoted International Director Alexa Tonkovich to take the reins as executive director of the organization. Mike Cerne stepped down from his post this summer and made way for his predecessor, Ray Riutta, to lead the organization in the interim.


Tonkovich was hired in August 2013 to lead ASMI’s international program, managing its overseas marketing efforts. Before that, she managed the institute’s Asia and Emerging Markets for almost four years.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is a public-private partnership between the state of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry established to foster economic development of a renewable natural resource. For more information, visit

Jessica Hathaway is the editor in chief of National Fisherman. She has been covering the fishing industry for 14 years, serves on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute's Communications Committee and is a National Fisheries Conservation Center board member.

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