Simrad Fisheries, booth 921, has a wide variety of equipment that lives up to our slogan Technology For Sustainable Fisheries. The SX90 and SU90 sonars find fish at long ranges, giving fishermen decision-making ability to both target and avoid by size and species.

The ES80 echosounder is used to determine (confirm if equipped with the SN90) the fish size and the biomass of the area. The ES80, connected to an FS70, FX80 or the Wireless PX system, shows the proper depth for the trawl to catch the right fish and, as importantly, to avoid the wrong species or size.

The FS70, FX80 or FM90 shows the net opening and the location of the fish and bottom in relation to the trawl. The wireless PX with TV80 will display all the parameters of the trawl and doors to maximize efficiency, even when the cod-end is full. The FX80 live camera confirms that the catch is right.

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