Itsaskorda S.L. is a family-owned business based in the heart of Basque Country in northern Spain. In collaboration with Gannet Nets, the Itsaskorda team has created a revolutionary new corkline, ribline and leadline with built-in ultrahigh-strength loops. These loops allow for fast and easy attachment of hangings with no hanging knots that can loosen. Each loop has more than 2 tons of strength. The smooth surface of both lines means no high spots that wear over time.

The corkline, ribline and leadline use a cover of tightly braided, extremely tough, high tenacity polyester. The rugged Itsaskorda leadline has a double braided polyester cover and an ultrahigh-strength, low-stretch core. The corkline and ribline have a low stretch polyester core for stability but are also available in the ultrahigh-strength core. Visit Itsaskorda and Gannet Nets at booth 525 to see these innovative products.

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