Maine fishermen landed nearly $725 million worth of lobster during 2021 – a leap in value of 75 percent over 2020 and by far the single largest year over year increase, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

Preliminary numbers released Feb. 14 show state officials expect total landings will be up 10 percent, to over 108 million pounds. Final landings figures are expected to be complete in March.

Coming out of the protracted covid-19 crisis – with its huge impacts to Maine lobster domestic and international markets – the industry saw $7 to the boat prices during 2021 and reported up to $10 in early 2022.

The record-setting 2021 season continued a 12-year run of Maine lobstermen bringing in landings near or exceeding 100 million pounds, according to DMR.

"The Maine lobster industry remains a cornerstone of our states coastal economy and identity because of the uncompromising commitment to quality that follows every lobster, from trap to table," Gov. Janet Mills said in an announcement from DMR. "I will continue to work tirelessly to support this vital Maine heritage industry."

"The extraordinary value earned last year by Maine lobster harvesters is a clear reflection of strong consumer confidence in the Maine lobster brand and the products and people it represents," said the department’s Commissioner Patrick Keliher.

"Last year was one for the books and it should be celebrated," said Keliher. "But there are many challenges ahead, and it’s important that fishermen remain engaged in management discussions that will strive to make this stock resilient for future generations." .

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