The New England Fishery Management Council recently elected Dr. John F. Quinn of Massachusetts and E. F. “Terry” Stockwell III of Maine to serve respectively as chairman and vice chairman in the year ahead. The two have led the Council since 2014 but reversed roles this year. 

Stockwell said he wanted to participate more freely in discussions and vote on motions, especially on issues important to his home state. The Council chair serves as a neutral leader and does not vote except to break a tie.

Chairman John Quinn and Vice Chairman Terry Stockwell. NEFMC photo.Quinn said he was ready to take on the top position.

“I’m honored that the council has put its trust in me,” Quinn said. “We have some significant challenges ahead. I’m glad Terry will be by my side as vice chair to help guide us along. We’re both committed to working closely with industry and all of our stakeholders to ensure that our actions are transparent and carried out as collaboratively as possible.”

Stockwell added, “I really appreciate John’s willingness to step up as chair. We’re wrestling with many issues right now that are critically important to the state of Maine. I need the ability to fully air the state’s position and serve as a voting member. I’m pleased to be vice chair. This way I can continue to help John and the executive committee carry out council business.”

Quinn and Stockwell will serve on the council’s executive committee in their ex officio capacities as chair and vice chair. The council also elected Doug Grout of New Hampshire, Peter Kendall of New Hampshire, and Terry Alexander of Maine to round out the team. The five-member Executive Committee develops policy for council consideration and provides guidance on administrative, financial and personnel matters.

The Council held this annual election of officers on the first day of its Sept. 20-22 meeting in Danvers, Massachusetts


Samuel Hill is the former associate editor for National Fisherman. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine where he got his start in journalism at the campus’ newspaper, the Free Press. He has also written for the Bangor Daily News, the Outline, Motherboard and other publications about technology and culture.

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