A lawsuit filed in California on Sept. 25 accuses Thai Union Group and its U.S. subsidiaries of selling products to consumers from a supply chain that contains slave labor.

Plaintiff Donna De Rosa is bringing the action on behalf of herself and "all others similarly situated" against Tri-Union Seafoods, a California corporation doing business as (dba) Chicken of the Sea International; Tri-Union Frozen Products, a Delaware corporation dba Chicken of the Sea Frozen Products; and Thai Union Group.

“Knowing that the much of the fish sold in defendants’ seafood products is likely the product of slave labor is material to consumers not wishing to support slave labor with their purchasing power,” states the lawsuit, filed by law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, on behalf of De Rosa.

A spokesperson for Thai Union, who's Tri-Union arm is named as a defendant in the wave of class action lawsuits alleging price fixing in the US tuna market, was not immediately available for comment to Undercurrent News.

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