What if you needed to help a friend or co-worker who fell into a river, ocean, or through an ice-covered lake? People who work or play on the water may often respond to emergencies for which they have no effective equipment or training. They are the first responders.

Falls overboard are the second leading cause of death for commercial fishermen, according to recent studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Even firefighters who may have some rescue training are four times more likely to die during a water rescue attempt than while fighting a fire.

REDE Rescue Systems’ intuitively operated rescue launching equipment assists first responders to prevent drownings while staying safely out of the water or off the ice.

Two launcher platforms and multiple payload options place lifesaving capabilities into the hands of those with minimal training or experience.

Ease of operation and self-rescue capabilities are distinctive features of REDE Rescue Systems’ mission to put another tool in the toolbox of lifesaving. Learn more about REDE Rescue Systems and our products at booth 506. Look forward to meeting you.

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