Close in proximity and complementary in services, the ports of Newport and Toledo combine to deliver a full array of services on the central Oregon coast.

The Port of Newport is home to one of Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleets and is well positioned for cargo interests looking for close ocean proximity. The Port’s International Terminal is a multi-use shipping facility featuring a 17-acre site with 3-acre staging and 9 acres of vacant industrial land with all utilities available for development. Located just 1.5 miles from the ocean entrance buoy, the International Terminal has 870 linear feet of berthing for deep draft vessels.

The Port of Toledo Shipyard is located 12 miles upriver from Newport. Towering 90 feet high and featuring 20,000 square feet of usable space, the shipyard’s new covered work building is a boon to anyone with a boat in need of maintenance, construction, or a “shave & a haircut” regardless of weather. The shipyard offers skilled crews and well-equipped facilities, including a 660-ton mobile lift. Customers with commercial and recreational vessels, as well as pleasure boats, find an impressive range of marine repair and maintenance services here.

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