National Fisherman, Pacific Marine Expo and the Port of Seattle have a long-standing partnership that enables us to bring a robust education program to Expo every year.

This year may be very different in almost every way, but our mission to deliver critical and specialized, industry-specific information has not changed.

Expo Online this year includes daily panel discussions on the same topics we would have covered at a live, in-person event.

Our three mainstage sessions are Offshore Wind Power, Pebble Mine, and Innovations in Boatbuilding and Gear Technology.

In addition to that, our partners at the Port of Seattle have produced a pair of workshops for growth and expansion in the working waterfront jobs. In addition to these Maritime Industry Career Fair and Workforce Development workshops, the port and the Seattle Propeller Club have collaborated to broadcast the annual Maritime Economic Forecast Breakfast.

These sessions, workshops, panel discussions and the breakfast will all take place Nov. 17-19 and be available through the NF website. Get more details and robust reporting on these topics from our editors starting on page 42.

But wait, there’s more! Our show and editorial staffs are currently working at a feverish pace to add some fun to Expo Online. In addition to our three-day education program, we will be posting and hosting the following:

• Symphony of Seafood update

• FisherPoets performances

• Interview with the Salmon Sisters

• Reports from associations:

  • Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers
  • Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association
  • United Fishermen of Alaska
  • Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations

• Seafood 101 Q&As

And after all is said and done, you can find more Expo Online coverage to come in December and into 2021, including:

• Diesel Emissions Reduction Act with Ocean Strategies

• Direct Marketing, Ocean to Plate

• Onboard Safety, Running Drills with AMSEA

• 2021 Season Forecast

• Finding the Right PFD

• Ask an Old Salt

• Ocean Health: Reducing Plastics

I look forward to seeing you online this fall and beyond. And one day, hopefully soon, we’ll all be face to face again.

Jessica Hathaway is the former editor in chief of National Fisherman.

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