Electra-Dyne Co. Inc. started building electric trap/pot haulers over forty years ago, according to company owner Judy Maccaferri. “They’re built by fishermen for fishermen, for commercial and recreational use,” says Maccaferri, who started the company with her late husband, Peter. “Originally, we sold them on the east coast from Maine to the Chesapeake Bay area but now we are known all over the world.”

The original haulers were 1/2-hp, but Electra-Dyne now makes its standard hauler with ¾-hp motors. “They’re used for lobstering, crabbing, scalloping, long lining and to pull up anchors,” says Maccaferri. “We also make haulers with 1 HP motors, which are used for oyster farming.”

The guts of the Electra-Dyne hauler are shown with an optional winch head. Photo by Electra-Dyne

Maccaferri notes that the haulers require only one 12-volt, deep cycle, 90-100 amp/hour battery.  “They are easy to install and maintain, and can be serviced by their owners,” she says, noting that the haulers represent a green solution to help reduce the fishing industry’s carbon footprint. “They don’t use gasoline or hydraulic fluids.”

The 3/4-horsepower Electra-Dyne hauler comes with 10-inch or 12-inch discs, and can include an optional winch head. The hauler has two options for gear ratios, 30:1 or 20:1, with line speeds running anywhere between 200 fpm on the 10-inch with a 30:1 gear ratio to 400 fpm on the 12-inch with a 20:1 gear ratio. According to the company’s spec sheet, all the motors weigh 64 pounds and draw 50-65 amps.

“They run around $1800 to $3000,” says Larry Mackenzie, who has been building and repairing the haulers at Electra-Dyne for the last 22 years. Mackenzie notes that he recently built four haulers for Canadian fishermen who purchased them with the help of government subsidies.  He adds that many young fishermen in Maine, just starting out with student licenses, are using Electra-Dyne haulers, as are bay scallopers in southern New England. “I’ve sent a few over to guys scalloping in Nantucket,” he says.

A perusal of internet forums and an informal survey on Facebook produces overwhelmingly positive reviews for the Electra-Dyne hauler. “Here in Alaska, I’ve sold close to 300 of them,” says Steve Kalek, owner of Alaska Shrimp Pots in Palmer, Alaska, posting on downeastboatforum.com. “Nobody ever complains about them, in fact most of my customers have told me, ‘should of just bought the Electra-Dyne instead of wasting money on the other electric haulers that didn't pull worth a shit.’”

“I have one on my scallop boat,” Brian Borgeson, who harvests bay scallops on Nantucket, posted on Facebook. “I love it, wish I did it 15 years ago.”

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Paul Molyneaux is the Boats & Gear editor for National Fisherman.

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