Naust Marine’s electric winch systems are proven to provide cleaner and more energy efficient solutions than hydraulics — whether it be trawling, third wire, net drums, Gilson’s, auxiliary, cod-end, retriever, outhaul, capstan winches (or any other) for small, medium or large vessels.

Naust Marine systems offer:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs; no hoses/seals to repair/replace
  • Lower installation costs
  • Environmentally sound solutions; no spills or leaks, no hazardous waste that can contaminate your catch
  • Noise reduction, which makes for a better work environment for crew
  • User-friendly controls

A growing number of ship owners are switching to take advantage of electrical winches over hydraulics. These U.S. fishing fleets have chosen Naust Marine’s custom solutions:

  • American Seafoods: American Triumph, Northern Jaeger, Northern Eagle, Ocean Rover
  • B&N Fisheries: Bristol Explorer
  • Coastal Villages: Northern Hawk
  • Ocean Peace Inc.: Seafisher
  • Trident Seafoods: Island Enterprise and Kodiak Enterprise
  • U.S. Seafoods: Seafreeze America

Naust Marine continues to deliver notable and custom electrical solutions for new construction and retrofits; winches, power management systems, controls; automatic trawling gear, propulsion, electrical spooling gear, and automation controls for deck equipment.

To hold position as the number one supplier of electrical winches, Naust employs and develops experts in the field of electrical winch systems and deck machinery.

Naust Marine electrical solutions are working for fly-shooting and other fishing vessels, research vessels, and tugs in the United States, Russia, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

Naust Marine is pleased to provide custom and complete electrical solutions, optimizing productivity for the hardworking crews on commercial vessels.