Duramax Marine LLC

Duramax Marine is a global manufacturer of engineered solutions for the recreational, commercial and military marine markets and industrial pump markets. Duramax Marine® is the world leader in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly water lubricated bearings for use in marine propulsion systems, cutter-head dredges, hydroelectric turbines and Industrial pump applications. In addition to water lubricated bearings we design and manufacture advanced propulsion shaft seal systems, heat exchange systems and impact protection systems. Our Johnson Cutless®, Johnson Demountable and Romor® stern tube and strut bearings are known worldwide for their high quality and dependable performance. Duramax water lubricated stern tube bearings are used in more military and commercial marine vessels than any other. We engineer bearing and seal systems that will perform in the most demanding marine and industrial applications and offer advanced designs when applications require a more engineered solution. Our team of heat transfer scientists continue to research and design new state of the art heat exchange solutions for today's marine diesel engines. Our engineers use best in class modeling techniques that test and validate heat transfer advancements utilizing a full scale water tunnel test installation. Our R&D team makes sure that our heat exchanger designs offer the best, most efficient and robust solution to our customers possible. Duramax Marine is an ISO9001:2015 certified company.