The North Carolina Fisheries Association, working to provide a sound education for local students, donated all the seafood to create a Down County Boil and Fish Stew at a local school fundraiser for more than 200 guests.

“We are indebted to the association for this outstanding donation,” said Chris Watson, financial administrator at Arapahoe Charter School. “This event could never have happened without the help from our local fishing community.”

The school held its first See & Sea event on Nov. 11 to launch a fund-raiser aimed at completing the final phase of a $9 million school under construction. The unique event offered tours of the new school, scheduled for completion in March 2018, and an “over-the-top” seafood lunch.

“This is an opportunity for NCFA to not only serve the fishing community but to support our educational institutions,” said Glenn Skinner, executive director of the association. “Schools can play a pivotal part in educating the public about the commercial industry, and we always look forward to participating in events such as this one.”

Inspiration for the collaboration evolved from the school administration’s drive to highlight the history of the community in its run up to opening a new school.

“As an educational institution, we recognize the importance of our commercial fishing heritage through the many students who have connections to the industry that go back many generations,” said Watson. “This is a way to celebrate that heritage coupled with celebrating the building of our dream school — what better way than with a seafood lunch.”

Maureen Donald is a freelance correspondent for National Fisherman.

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