ZF Marine recently rolled out the first two-speed transmission for outboards, the result of a four-year collaboration with outboard masters Mercury Marine. The new transmission is part of the recently revealed V12 Verado Outboard, and ZF is touting it as a “game changer.”

“This project emphasizes our leading position in propulsion technology and successful collaboration with our long-standing partner Mercury Marine. The collaboration was defined with the objective of developing the most powerful and innovative engine in the market, and the trust in ZF Marine as the right partner,” said Federico Decio, ZF’s vice president of Industrial Technology.

ZF has used two-speed transmissions before, but never applied them to outboards, where they “perfectly match engine characteristics to different operative modes.” And regardless of operative modes, the two speeds help maximize propulsion demands by matching engine power and propeller demand.

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Brian Hagenbuch is National Fisherman's products editor, a contributing editor to SeafoodSource and a Bristol Bay fisherman. He is based in Seattle.

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