Collision: Tanker gets 30-foot gash from scrape with scalloper

A 790-foot oil tanker and an 84-foot scallop boat collided about 30 miles southeast of Bridgehampton, N.Y., on Saturday evening, according to the Coast Guard.

The Bahamian-flagged tanker Tofteviken was on its way into New York harbor when it collided with the Polaris, which was heading back to Massachusetts after a night of fishing.

The Polaris, managed by Eastern Fisheries of New Bedford, Mass., suffered damage to its bow and outrigger but was able to make it back to port safely. None of its seven crew members reported injury.

Polaris scallop boat. Photo courtesy of Eastern Fisheries.

Polaris scallop boat. Photo courtesy of Eastern Fisheries.

The Tofteviken is in a holding pattern outside of the harbor while the Coast Guard inspects a 30-foot gash along its hull. It will stay anchored until the Coast Guard determines it’s safe to head back to port. None of the crew on the tankship reported injuries.

Coast Guard marine inspectors are investigating the cause of the collision and determining the amount of damage to the Tofteviken.

Calls to Eastern Fisheries and O’Hara Corp. were not returned before press time.

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