Alaska A cluster of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon on Alaska’s Wood River. U.S. EPA photo. Viewpoints

Pebble Mine critics have a simple question: “What is the advantage of risking the infinite salmon resource for the short-term gain of the metals resource?”

Alaska The F/V Destination went missing about two miles northwest of St. George Island, Alaska, shown here in an undated photo from the National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Alaska Region. Viewpoints

Words cannot express the sorrow with which I report an event like the disappearance of the Bering Sea crabber Destination on Feb. 11.

Alaska The F/V Destination. Jeff Pond photo. Viewpoints

It’s never the first one, one of their brothers said.
They probably took a big wave that put them on their side,
then another and another… the only ones who know
for sure are at the bottom of the ocean.

Alaska A geoduck farm on Hartsine Island, Wash. Geoduck clams are among the crops envisioned by an Alaska group promoting mariculture expansion. Creative Commons photo by lawdawg1. News

Shellfish, sea cucumbers, geoduck clams, seaweeds and biofuels are crops envisioned by a group of Alaskans who are crafting a framework for a statewide mariculture industry expansion.

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