Boat from ‘Jaws’ turned fishing boat for vets

In the 1960s and 70s, author Peter Benchley fished for sharks aboard the Cricket II, a boat that fished out of Montauk, N.J. back then. Benchley then wrote the movie Jaws, in large part based on his experiences on the 42-foot vessel.

The Cricket II is now based out of Beaufort and captained by Joe DiBella, and with its new home comes a new purpose – taking disabled veterans on fishing trips, at no cost to them. Their goal of “enriching the lives of Disabled Veterans and Wounded Warriors with fishing adventures aboard the Cricket II” has been aided by numerous sponsors and donors who helped with extensive restorations to the boat.

“The Cricket II is a wide boat with an open layout. It can easily accommodate wheelchairs, and modifications have been made to make the boat a comfortable and safe fishing platform for veterans,” said Capt. DiBella.

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