Training Resources: Small Vessel Refrigeration course

Training Resources Maritime Institute introduces its Small Vessel Refrigeration course was developed to support the fishing industry by educating students on how to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair typical marine refrigeration systems.

“Not all training needs to result in a Coast Guard Certification. Sometimes we just need to pass on knowledge where there is a gap,” said to Dave Abrams, CEO of the institute. “We recognized that we could help fill a training gap for operators of fishing vessels that rely on their refrigeration systems to keep their hard work from going to waste.”

Ceasar Salas, Engineering Department head of the institute, adds: “When crew members are calling a repair technician from sea, the lack of understanding of how the refrigeration system works can be a real problem. Having the knowledge onboard saves time and money, and can keep people from getting hurt.”

The three-day refrigeration course created for fishermen at sea covers the basic principles and theory of refrigeration for various sized systems. Instructors walk the students through various refrigeration systems, step by step, giving operators and crew the ability to undertake routine maintenance, troubleshoot and fix problems.

Students will get the opportunity to work on real equipment and use our refrigeration simulator. The course is offered in the evening to support the schedules of local day fishermen around San Diego, and in a three-day format to support traveling in for the course.

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