Simrad packs its wireless trawl system with features

The Simrad PX Wireless Trawl system is arguably the most feature packed wireless trawl system on the market today. The TrawlEye with CHIRP gives superior echosounder pictures either on the headrope or if used farther back to see fish in the intermediate or if used all the way back as a catch sensor! The Geometry feature, the simplest and still best way to judge the squareness of the trawl, is superb.

The sweep angle can be displayed with the Geometry feature. Of course being able to measure the door distance from the bottom is a critical feature for reducing wear and tear on the gear as well as fuel savings. Other features include door spread, wing spread, door roll, door pitch, door depth, headrope depth, headrope height, headrope pitch, roll, temperature from most sensors, battery status from any sensor, catch sensors with pitch or roll or temperature. The list is extensive, and for 2020 we are adding a current sensor.

Please visit the Simrad booth for a demonstration.  Booth # 921




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